Gin Trivia

The Juniper plants that produce the berries used to make gin are a species of:
Answer: Conifer

What’s the second most popular botanical used in gin after juniper?
Answer: Coriander

Jenever (or genever), the precursor to modern gin, originated in which country?
Answer: Holland

What’s the name of the sweet style of gin that is sometimes described as the ‘missing link’ between jenever and London Dry?
Answer: Old Tom

London’s so-called “gin craze” which saw a virtual epidemic of extreme drunkenness in the capital provoking moral outrage and a legislative backlash, took place in which century?
Answer: 18th

In 2015, UK gin sales surpassed what figure for the first time?
Answer: £1 billion

The name ‘London Dry Gin’ denotes that:
Answer: A particular production method has been followed to make the gin.

Tonic water was drunk by colonial soldiers in 19th century India because the quinine it contains helps stave off which disease?
Answer: Malaria

The classic Martini is a cocktail made by combining gin with which other ingredient?
Answer: Vermouth