10 local gins to collect

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The Mother City is known for their exceptional wine, but in recent years the gin industry has expanded and now the city is also known for producing an outstanding selection of gin.

Due to our passion for all things local and our love of artisan goods, we have put together a list of South African and Capetonian gins you have to try:

1. A Mari Ocean Gin

Guaranteed to be one of the smoothest gins you’ve ever tasted, A Mari is a must-try.

Uniquely distilled using Atlantic Ocean water to enhance the botanical flavours, A Mari embodies an intensely smooth and delicately balanced finish.

2. Geometric Gin 

Inspired by the Fynbos Floral Kingdom and the Cape’s botanical and spice-infused history, naturally extracted ingredients give this gin a flavour and aroma which reflects our unique surroundings.

Perfectly paired with the Symmetry Tonic Cordials, to provide either a floral, spice or a citrus flavour, this combo will provide a drink not easily forgotten. Carla Fernandes, from The Bar Keeper, gave us a tip for the health conscious: “It’s healthier if you top it up with sparkling water instead of tonic.”

3. Autograph Gin

The inspiration and identity of this mouthwatering gin lies in the rich, colourful history of a thousand years of gin-making.

Each bottle of Autograph is carefully crafted by hand. Its unique taste is derived from the blended botanicals and fynbos carefully selected by its master distillers.

This delectable gin was also the top scoring gin of 2018 at the Michelangelo Awards.

4. Blind Tiger Gin

Blind Tiger Small Batch Crafted Gin is produced in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa – a tropical and exotic climate that Blind Tiger identifies with greatly.

Produced in ‘small batches’, each being unique and different – in fact, no single batch is ever exactly alike.

Offering drinkers a truly one-of-a-kind crisp, citrus taste with a hint of lemongrass that embodies the flavour of summer.

5. Pienaar & Son Empire

Produced in the heart of the Mother City, in a small craft distillery, Pienaar & Son reflects the passion and appreciation for traditional methods and the history of distillation.

Combining two sides of a coin, a father with more than 40-years of distilling technology experience and his stubborn son with new age crafting ideas.

Their Orient, Waskis and Empire gins are a treat for new drinkers and seasoned gin-lovers alike.

6. Blossom & Hops

After years of home-brewing in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Trouvaille’s Blossom & Hops craft gin creator, Tim James, developed a special appreciation of the hops flower, a botanical that featured in century-old Genever recipes, the forefather of modern gin as we know it.

Hops is traditionally a flavouring and stabilising agent in the production of beer, but Tim realised that due to its versatility and massively diverse flavour profiles it would work in gin.

Countless experimental infusions later, and a lucky find, produced the pairing you can taste today. It celebrates the earthiness of hops and the charm of lime blossom. A match made in heaven and a traditional gin which is both unique but unmistakably delicious.

7. Bloedlemoen Gin

Distilled at Hope on Hopkins small-batch craft distillery in Salt River, Bloedlemoen Gin is meticulously crafted.

Embodying 10 natural botanicals to perfection, including: licorice root, citrus, cassia, coriander, cardamon, juniper and angelic root.

It is an ideal choice for citrus-lovers.

8.Six Dogs Blue

Six Dogs Distillery, passionately crafts each batch and recently released a new ‘Blue’ gin. Six Dogs Blue derives its name from the Blue Pea flower (Clitoria Ternatea), an antioxidant and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.

Its gorgeous esthetic look, makes for the perfect party Gin, with a classic dry gin flavour with touches of freshly cut Lucerne and morning-harvested Rose Pelargonium.

9. Phantom Knysna Gin

Crafted in Salt River, it has a unique charcoal colour and soft enchanting nose with juniper and a hint of wood and spice. There are also sweet nuances of caramalised orange on the smooth palate with a refreshing herbaceous mint aftertaste.

With its strong taste this gin leaves a long standing impression and is best for those looking to try something new and adventurous.

10. Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean 

Made from a triple distilled grape spirit this gin is inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean.

It is infused with olives, rosemary, basil, thyme and cardamom with overriding citrus notes and hints of juniper.

It is a savoury gin, if you love olives, serve it “dirty” in a gin and tonic with a green olive and a dash of brine, or serve in a gin and tonic with a slice of orange, a sprig of basil or an olive and rosemary.

If you’re looking to taste any of these gins, Bar Keeper in the inner city offers a gin tasting and expert advice for your gin selection process. Their tasting table is available every day, all day except on Friday afternoons from 3PM.

They are open:

Monday – Thursday: 10pm – 8pm
Fridays & Saturdays from 9am – 8pm
Sundays 11am-6pm

It is only available to craft gin purchasing clients and is limited to 3 gins.

Enjoy a choice of 60 for tasting and over 100 for purchase.

The advantage of being able to taste before buying allows visitors to judge gins on their flavour and not their branding.

Bar Keeper recommends visitors try the gins to make an informed decision without the influence of garnishes.

Website: Barkeeper.co.za
Contact: 082 339 1079

Picture: Instagram